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2 Jun 2014

Emergency Preparedness for Critical Employees

A 4-hour course designed to give your Critical Employees the skills so that they can remain at work and feel confident that their families and loved ones are protected and prepared for disaster events.

Tuition: $52
Days: 4 Hours

Large-scale emergency incidents and disasters can occur anywhere in our state. When they do, all eyes will fall on the Critical Employees within your organization.

The immediate need is for them to stay at work and to continue performing the vital jobs within your agency and to continue critical systems.
Regardless of whether you are a Public Agency or Private Corporation, the image of your organization and how it performs during an emergency will be at stake.

For these Critical Employees to remain on their job and functioning properly, they’re going to have to know that their families and loved ones are taken care of and safe. The time to get prepared is now.
This course will teach those vital skills that your Critical Employees need to take home with them so that their families can and will survive an emergency event or disaster if they can’t be there. All of your Critical Employees need this course. Each participant will receive a comprehensive set of checklists on the topics presented.

Home and Agency Preparedness
Home and Workplace Emergency Procedures
The Concept of Emergency Evacuation – How to Properly Prepare Your Family
Equipment Issues
Food and Emergency Survival Techniques
Your Family’s Emergency Rally and Reunification Plan
Preparing Your Children and Their School
The Family Emergency Procedures / Critical Incident Checklist