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2 Jun 2014

Emergency Planning for Businesses and Public Agencies

40 – 60% of American Businesses Suffering a Disaster — Never Recover to Their Former Status. Our team of experts will come to your facility, conduct a comprehensive threat assessment analysis, and then write a complete emergency plan tailored to your specific company or agency. We also have the unique ability to train and drill your staff on how to conduct emergency operations using these plans.

Tuition: $TBD – Based on Scope of Project – A typical project will consist of surveying your business or agency and then writing the emergency operations plans. This project will usually take approximately 20 hours, at $200 an hour, for an average cost of $4000.
Days: Based on Project
Emergency Planning for Businesses and Public Agencies

Corporate executives and public agency heads are far too busy with their day-to-day operations to conduct the comprehensive assessment and planning that is necessary for the wide variety of emergencies and disasters that could affect their operations. Hiring and retaining staff with the specific skills necessary in emergency operations and planning can be an expensive proposition.

Consider These Important Facts About American Businesses and Public Agencies:
> 39% Do Not Have a Crisis Management Plan.
> 46% Do Not Have a Crisis Management Team.
> 56% Have Not Conducted Drills or Simulations.
> 61% Have Not Trained Key Staff in Crisis Management Skills.
How do you and your business compare to these statistics from the American Management Association 2004 Study on Crisis Management and Security? Where are you today? It seems that every time we try and conduct emergency planning, the business crisis of the day interferes.

We have the unique ability to fix these problems for you. Our team of experts will examine your business or public agency and write your emergency plans for you. We also have the staff on hand to translate these documents into a comprehensive training program that will allow your staff to rapidly and efficiently put these plans into effect during an emergency or disaster.

Please contact us to arrange for a free consultation to determine the scope of your project. Call: 916.761.9130 or Email: