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2 Jun 2014

The Emergency Operations for Building Managers

A course specifically designed for building managers and property owners that will give them the tools to prepare for and manage emergency events. This course emphasizes a team approach to emergency management utilizing the skills of the building management staff, security staff, building engineers and key tenant groups to efficiently control and manage a wide variety of critical incidents.

Tuition: $687 / BOMA and IREM Members $617
Days: 3 Days/24 Hours
This 3-day course is designed to give the Building or Property manager all of the information and skills necessary to conduct emergency operations within their buildings. A complete critical incident response plan will be given to the students and they will actually conduct practical exercises in managing emergencies in their buildings. The course is held on 3 seperate dates so as to not impact business activities.

Building and Property Managers, and their Key Staff, Security Supervisors and their Staff Members, and your Building Engineering or Facilities Maintenance Staff.
This course is of Special Interest to your Tenant’s Safety Officers and Executive Staff, and they should be invited to attend along with the Building Management team.

Your Personal-Home, Family and Bldg
Preparation for Disaster
Emergency Procedures in Bldgs:
Shelter in Place,
Rally Points,
Refuge and Retreat locations,
Emergency Equipment issues,
Bldg Emergency Notification Systems,
The 4-Step Critical Incident Response
Plan for Bldg Managers and Staff
Tenant Education and Training Programs
Working with Public Safety Responders
The Emergency Procedures during:
Earthquake, Fire, Flood, Hazmat, and
Gunman/Violent Intruder/Terrorism
Recovery and Continuity of Operations
Practical Exercises in Emergency Mgmt