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29 May 2014

Emergency Management for Campus Executives

A 1-Day, eight-hour course designed to familiarize the college or university campus executive with the concept of utilizing the national standard Incident Command System to manage a large-scale emergency event. This class is designed to be brought to your campus and taught to your specific executive management group.

Tuition: $TBD Dependent on Size of Class
Days: 1 Day / 8 Hours

This course is designed to be brought to your college or university and taught specifically on your campus to enhance the ability and teamwork of your executive management group.

Large-scale emergency incidents and disasters can occur at Colleges and Universities. When they do, all eyes will fall onto the executive management team and they will be critically evaluated on their ability to manage the event. This course is designed to bring together the campus executive management team and to train them as a single unit to utilize the national standard Incident Command System – ICS, in a manner consistent with the normal operation of a college or university.

Colleges and Universities are a unique environment that rely on significant outside mutual aid during a disaster or large-scale emergency. The campus executive management team needs to understand and be able to utilize the ICS that is currently in effect with all of these mutual aid responders.

The basic Incident Command System will be taught during the first part of the morning session. During this session, the instructor will assist the campus management team with its Incident Command System assignments based on their individual jobs held at the University or College. The rest of the day will be spent in a series of confidence building practical exercises specifically related to emergencies within the college or university environment.