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29 May 2014

Critical Incident Response on the College Campus

A 3 day course designed to assist college campus law enforcement Supervisors, Managers and Executives in their response to a critical incident. The course is designed to be brought to your campus and taught on your schedule. The college campus environment is unique and presents a list of problems not encountered by other public safety employees. This course is specifically designed for this special environment.

Tuition: $357 In CA / $387 Outside CA
Days: 24 Hours / 3 Days

**THIS COURSE IS DESIGNED TO TRAVEL TO YOUR CAMPUS. We have taught components of this course across the United States. Our instructors will come to your campus to teach your Campus Law Enforcement Officers and nearby responding Mutual Aid officers.

Contact us at:
or Call us at 916.761.9130 

This is a special course designed to prepare the Campus Law Enforcement Officers / Supervisors / and Managers, along with Campus Administrators, and nearby mutual aid Law Enforcement Officers to be an effective force during a Critical Incident on the campus.

The college campus is a unique environment and this course is designed to give these personnel an easy to use four-step Critical Incident Response Plan that can rapidly control any critical incident. The students will be exposed to case studies and a series of practical exercises that will allow them to apply the Critical Incident Response Plan to a wide variety of events, from a single barricaded subject to riots, demonstrations and a multi-location terrorist incident. Each student will receive a 220 page manual with a comprehensive set of field checklists and full information on the below topics.


Emergency Alerting and Warning Systems for the Campus
Role of the Field Leader
Common Points to all Critical Incidents
Active Shooter Incidents
Advantages of the Suspect v. Responding Officers
Mutual Aid Issues
Evacuation v. Emergency Evacuation v. Rescue
Bldg Manager Training Issues
Role of the Fire Department in Critical Incident Response
Law Enforcement Role in a Mass Casualty Incident – MCI
Crisis Media Relations
Development of the Four-Step Critical Incident Response Plan
The Critical Incident Checklist
Terrorism Response Issues
Less than Lethal Devices and their Deployment
High-rise Building Tactics
Crisis Negotiations for The First Responder
NIMS and the Law Enforcement Incident Command System
Unified Command Concepts
In Class Practical Exercises.

Please contact us to arrange for this course to be brought to your campus:
916-761-9130 or