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29 May 2014

Critical Incident Response for Campus Police Officers

This one-day course is designed to prepare the Campus Police Officer to be an effective leader at a Critical Incident on a College or University Campus. This course provides a comprehensive review of current field tactics, with an emphasis on the use of a four-step Critical Incident Response Plan that will be developed in class.

Tuition: $125
Days: 8 Hours – 1 Day

This one day course is Certified by CA POST for 8 Hours of CPT Credit.

This course is designed to prepare the College or University Police Officer to Respond to and to take initial command of a Critical Incident. This course is an “All Hazards” approach that will give the participant the skills and ability to handle large scale criminal events along with man-made and natural disasters.

Role of the Field Leader
Types of Critical Incidents
Common Points to all Critical Incidents
Active Shooter Incidents
Advantages of the Suspect v. Responding Officers
Mutual Aid Issues – Response of Local Law Enforcement
Campus Evacuation v. Rescue
Role of the Fire Department in Critical Incident Response on the Campus
Law Enforcement Role in a Mass Casualty Incident – MCI
Crisis Media Relations
The Four-Step Critical Incident Response Plan
The Critical Incident Checklist for Your Campus
SEMS / NIMS and the Law Enforcement Incident Command System
The Concepts of Unified Command